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Efter valet: tjänarnas stat?

måndag, 18 september 2006

Sitter och läser i Reginald Johnstons ”Twilight in the Forbidden City”. (Johnston skildrar där när han i början av 20-talet arbetade som personlig lärare åt Kinas siste kejsare, P’u-i. Bertolucci plockade mycket ur den här boken när han gjorde sin fina film ”Den siste kejsaren” – där Johnston för övrigt finns med som en karaktär, spelad av Peter O’Toole.) Där skildrar han de kolossala problem man hade med det kejserliga hushållet, Nei Wu Fu, (varav huvuddelen var enucker) som hade ett stort ansvar för Kinas problem:

”Where they were very gravely at fault was in failing to recognise that the only excuse for their existence as a department was loyal and useful service. It was not sufficient for them to be their sovereign’s very obedient ”slaves ” in a formal or conventional sense; it was necessary that they should render him such service that he would be the poorer – morally, physically and materially – if they disappeared. So far from doing this, they so conducted themselves both before and after the revolution as to make it clear that they regarded the Nei Wu Fu as an institution in which they had vested interests and as an end in itself. It was not the raison d’etre of the Nei Wu Fu to serve the emperor; rather it was his raison d’être to provide the Nei Wu Fu with an excuse for continuing to exist.”